Fishing Tips: How to buy a fishing boat

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Before you pull out your wallet and dive headlong into the wonderful world of fishing boats, we advise that you do your homework first. Like buying a car, your purchase decision should be assisted by reading reviews and comparing specifications of the various models in your price range. Experienced fishermen find it challenging to purchase new or even pre-owned fishing boats, so take heed from the experts and do extensive research before you start wheeling and dealing.

1. Where will you fish?

Before you even start looking at fishing boats, you need to decide whether you want to fish inshore, offshore or combine the two. Boats differ greatly from the smaller, lightweight fishing boats used predominantly on dams and calmer water bodies, to ocean-going boats that are capable of handling the rigours of stormy seas. It is simply a matter of choosing a boat that will suit your particular lifestyle. Once you, and of course your family, have discussed the merits of which type of fishing you all want to undertake, only then can you proceed to the next phase in the buying process.

2. What’s the onboard tally?

Determining how many people will typically go out fishing in the boat will allow you to select a boat with the layout you desire. For the serious fisherman, allowing the crew easy movement around the boat is paramount for increasing catch sizes and keeping the busy crew out of each other’s way. On the other hand, a fishing boat with a head compartment and luxurious forward seating is more suited to family outing fishing trips. So, how many people do you plan to take on those fishing trips?


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