From Land To Sea

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Many rock and surf anglers will take the natural step to becoming fishing boat owners. The main reason for this is that a boat dramatically improves the odds for catching fish.

Leisure Boating looks at the easy transition from rock and surf fishing to owning the boat of your dreams.

Your first boat

There is a humorous saying about boats and it goes like this: “There are two joyous days in a boater’s life, the day he buys a new boat and the day he sells it.”

Okay, owning a boat is a lot more fun than suggested by the quote above and the acronym BOAT does not stand for Bring Out Another Thousand. But, boats do cost money to maintain and you’ll also have to consider all the accessories that go hand-in-hand with boating.

If your budget is tight, it might not be the correct time to go boat hunting. If buying your first boat is not going to break the bank, then it is time to go boat hunting.

Consider the size and weight

One of the first aspects of buying a boat is to decide on the size of the boat you require. If you fish predominantly in inland water bodies, it might be more acceptable and cheaper to purchase a slightly smaller boat.

Alternatively, if you are going out to sea to catch larger game fish, then you will need to spend a bit more money on a boat that is able to handle those sea conditions.

The weight of the boat and trailer needs to be below the maximum towable limit for the vehicle you own. It is illegal to tow a boat that is heavier than the suggested towing limit set out in the vehicles specifications and it can be very dangerous due to increased stopping distances.


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