Fuel Consumption: Fuel Sipping Frenzy

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There are many easy, less drastic alternatives than throwing your mother-in-law and the blue-rinse book club girls off the boat to lighten the load and save fuel! We all know that extra weight means higher fuel consumption, but let’s be reasonable here … someone has to make the sandwiches and pour the coffee, while the blue-rinse book club takes command of the wheel and gets heavy-handed with the throoooottle! Getting back to saving fuel, here are some of the easiest methods to reduce the fuel costs on your boat.

1. Shed the Kilos

Go through the boat from stern to bow and remove all unnecessary extras from the lockers, drawers and storage spaces. Duplicate tools, canned foods, books, unused ropes, old fishing gear and anything else that is not used regularly should be removed from the boat. You’ll be quite surprised at how much these unnecessary goods weigh. By removing them, you will have a lighter boat that’s guaranteed to offer improved fuel consumption.


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