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Don’t let the price of fuel get in the way of your boating enjoyment.
Improving the fuel economy in your boat doesn’t require radical or expensive ideas and methods. With the current fuel price trading at over R11 per litre, have you ever stopped and considered a few simple and basic things that can make the world of difference to your monthly fuel bill? Leisure Boating recommends some simple ideas that may be of use and kind to your wallet.

The HULL truth
Algae, mussels, debris and other marine growths that get stuck on the bottom of your boat’s hull or motor/outdrive can add unnecessary drag and create small performance issues that you may or may not notice, but over time, this drag will affect your fuel economy. Also, consider anti-fouling, a specialised coating applied to the hull of a ship or boat in order to slow the growth that attach to the hull, thus improving the flow of water past the hull, and ultimately, improving your vessel’s performance and durability.

Increase the flow
A dirty or clogged fuel filter only means one thing: it’s doing its job! However, regular changing of the fuel filter allows for proper fuel flow to the engines. Negligence or failure to maintain your fuel filter means that your engine could end up working twice as hard to get the fuel it needs to run optimal. Leisure Boating recommends that you change or clean your fuel filter every 100 hours, or once a year at least…


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