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Fuel system

  • Inspect the fuel system for leaks, paying special attention to fuel hoses, connections and tank surfaces.
  • Check for brittleness and cracking in the hoses and replace where necessary.
  • Check all clamps for corrosion.
  • Ensure the engine, ventilation and exhaust systems are working properly.

Belts and cables

  • Check belts and cables for wear and cracking. Cracked belts should be replaced before they snap.
  • Belts should fit snugly to prevent slipping but should have a little play when depressed with a finger. A belt that is too tight puts excessive strain on the pulley bearing and will wear it out.

Electric system

  • Do a complete inspection of all the electrical components and their electrical connections to ensure they are clean and corrosion free. Corroded connections can result in engine failure.
  • Clean the terminals of the battery and the connections with a wire brush to remove any build up.

Fluid levels

  • Check all fluid levels including engine oil, power trim reservoirs, power steering and coolant.
  • Change the engine oil, oil filter and other lubricants as per the manufacturer’s specifications.


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