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As if MasterCraft didn’t already make our collective mouths water with their previous X-Series, they’ve gone and done it again. This year, MasterCraft has released the X-Star; a 24-foot (7.32 metre) giant designed to be a family-friendly wakesurfing powerhouse. Geared for wakeboarding and wake surfing, this craft has got plenty game. Do you?

In the quest for the perfect wake during 2013, MasterCraft lengthened the running surface from 21½ feet on the ex-X-Star to 24 feet on the current version. Increasing her size meant that they could also increase the water ballast, which is now a massive 1 400 pounds and allows you to adjust the wake size and shape. Designers also incorporated a pickle-fork design into the bow with a boarding ladder between the two tips. Bigger it certainly is, but the X-Star also brings a wealth of new features and design trademarks that you could only expect from MasterCraft.

Deck layout

The boat you see in the accompanying pictures is rumoured to be the most expensive X-Star to ever leave the factory – and it came to South Africa! On the long list of optional extras in the order was a tick inside virtually each box, so unfortunately, not everything you’ll see comes included – but you do still get a lot as standard fare – but let’s take a look at what money will get you.

For starters, take the command centre. It comes standard with the pop-up 7-inch display as well as twin 4.3-inch LCD displays on either side of the wheel from which you can do everything from filling the ballast, create an epic riding music playlist, and even navigate unfamiliar waters with the detailed on-screen GPS.

The helm of this boat is designed to put you in control and spend less time fiddling with instruments, and more time with your family and friends. Another nice feature that this X-Star offers is MasterCraft’s electronically operated wake tower. At the push of a button, the entire tower is lowered or raised – making it nice and easy if there are low bridges on the waterway or for when it’s time to pack the craft away. The tower is also fully equipped, with forward facing spot lights, the booming JL bazooka-styled tower speakers, wakeboard racks that can swivel inwards for easy off-loading, and a premium quality canopy – although this wasn’t an extra fitted to this X-Star.

In true MasterCraft style, you get a little more than you bargained for in terms of versatility for passenger comfort. The spacious twin-tip pickle fork bow easily has enough room for three to five passengers if you so desire and the well thought out wrap around seating has room for another ten. A forward-facing aft lounge seat easily flips forward to face aft for those wanting to enjoy the wake show. An additional rear-facing seat is just aft of the contoured walk-through windshield, and bow passengers have backrests facing back as well as forward. It seems like everyone gets a best seat in the house!

The X-Star offers cavernous storage bays adjacent to the engine compartment and there’s a combination step/seat just forward of the swim platform to give riders a convenient place to sit while securing bindings before a session. This is non-slip too, making it safer for those getting to and from the water – or simply clip on the cushioning and you’ve got a huge sun pad at the stern.

By design, the X-Star is absolutely marvellous; everything about this boat is solid and no detail has been overlooked – from the stitching in the seats to the rubber on the traction pads – this boat is 100% the heart of what Mastercraft is known for. Pair that with infinite colour and graphic possibilities and you can create an X-Star that is uniquely yours.


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