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Heel side Backside 360 (on axis) AKA – blind or back 3

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Heel side Backside 360 (on axis) AKA – blind or back 3

Breakdown: when you initiate this spin, the first part of your body that crosses the line of the direction you are spinning in is your back. Your back passes the 180 mark before your front does. This is the opposite of front side rotations.

• Start nice and wide from the wake and make sure you use a progressive approach to the wake. Personally, my knees are bent from the get-go.

• When you ride up the wake, start the rotation by pushing off the top of the wake. Don’t forget that the push comes from your toes.

• As soon as you leave the wake, pull your lead hand into the centre of your back – this all starts the rotation. I like to do the handle pass low on my back, but either way, it is a cool trick.

• As soon as you get the handle in your other hand, give it a good ‘yank’ and you will come swinging out of the trick. You’ll get the handle early so try to spot the water as soon as you can; this makes landing much easier.

• Don’t let up on your edge in the beginning or you will be short at the end of the move. Once you have the rotation complete, get ready to land. Bend your knees as you hit the water, ride away, and celebrate.

This is a really fun move and you will be able to grab the handle at either the beginning or the end, once you’ve got the trick waxed. Practise Backside 180’s – this is the stepping stone you’ll have to learn for the 3, but it’s not mandatory. I like to do Indy Twisters in the same ride; this always helps me set up for this move as it makes you push off your toes. Now that you know the tips, look forward to riding off into the distance, dropping big Back 3’s for the crowd to see! See wakesa.com for this year’s contest info. Peace! Jono Joseph


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