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Hidden Gem of the Month

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While not technically a ‘hidden gem’ (it’s not hidden at all and scores of people go there regularly) we thought we’d include it in this feature anyway. Hermanus is certainly rich in breathtaking views; with its unparalleled scenic beauty, modern infrastructure, upmarket shops and endless adventure options, it is no wonder that Hermanus is transformed into a bustling hubbub of activity in-season as well as out-of-season.

It is built along the beautiful shores of Walker Bay and is the official whale watching capital of the world as well as a popular holiday destination. Hermanus is surrounded by majestic mountains, indigenous Fynbos and spectacular natural beauty while its residents are the heart and soul of the town providing an unforgettable holiday experience.

This coastal resort offers the best landbased whale watching in the world. The Southern Right Whales visit Walker Bay from July until December every year. About 60 to 100 of these magnificent animals come here from Antarctica to reed and rear their young. Tourists are often treated with close up displays as these creatures often come to within 10 metres of the coast. The cliff tops in Hermanus offer tourists great views and the ability to watch the whales close up.


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