High and Dry

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High and Dry Flying High!

After starting out small and relatively unknown, High and Dry Boatlifts have become an undisputed South African success story over the last few years. And now the world is starting to take notice. High and Dry Boatlifts’ popularity have grown immeasurably on South African shores in the mere two years they’ve been in production. So much so, that the global marine market has sat up and taken notice and now also wants a piece! High and Dry recently installed its first two boatlifts in Perth, Western Australia and the products has ostensibly been greeted with such enthusiasm that another container of three more lifts were promptly ordered by Perth residents.

Ben Lochner, founder of High and Dry, is thrilled by the increased local and latest international demand for his product and seems to have found a target market in Oz. “The products were received with open arms, and the lift is especially a hit with aluminium boat owners with the small boat market consisting mainly of aluminium boats at the moment,” Lochner said. High and Dry Boatlifts aren’t just your run-of-the-mill lifts; these models are guaranteed to weather the toughest of conditions. With a simple water displacement method, the lift can be lowered or hoisted in less than two minutes and maintenance or repairs to your hull are made simple and convenient.

They offer unrivalled stability and the fact that there are no openings below the waterline means that the damaging effects of salt– and freshwater will have little consequence on the tough materials of the High and Dry design. The float lifts horizontally in one plane and is incredibly easy to operate. The production models lifts 1000 kg up to 8000 kg and floats can be customised for larger vessels.


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