How to Coach Yourself

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Learning how to waterski properly in South Africa can often be a bit difficult as we don’t have hundreds of ski schools and we don’t all have access to top coaches that coach us through every set. We tend to ski with coaches for a week or two before skiing on our own again. With years of experience being coached and then coaching students, I have compiled a few tips on how to improve on your own.

Have a plan

It’s always easy to go out and ski a set. But did you really learn anything? Did you take note of what was working well or not? Think before you go out. Take one or two key points and work on them for that entire ski set.

Don’t worry about the score!

We are always worrying about our buoy count or slalom score instead of concentrating on technique. We are basically just“chasing buoys”. In order to improve, we need to take a step back and work on those slightly longer lines and easier passes in order get our technique 100% perfect.

It is easy to keep shortening up the rope but next time you go out for a set rather keep the rope where it is and run the same pass over and over. Forget the score. If you improve your technique you will automatically increase your score.


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