Hydraulic Happinesss

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Hydraulic steering is a wonderful thing because it makes the job of steering so much easier.

Some salty sea dogs criticise the use of hydraulic steering, saying that it has a lack of “feel”, but these detractors are few and far between.

What’s more is that modern hydraulic steering systems require very little maintenance, but there are certain easy checks you can do periodically to ensure your steering components are in good working order.

Boaters tend to overlook the hydraulic system simply because they require so little maintenance and generally tend to give few problems. For this reason, it is important to check it, all the same..

Your own maintenance

Having a good knowledge of the hydraulic steering system on your particular boat will allow you to undertake the necessary maintenance and repairs.

Having extra hydraulic fluid and an assortment of spare parts and hoses as a backup for hydraulic failure is suggested and getting to know how to do basic repairs on the system is good advice.

Check the manual

The best start to your foray into the unchartered world of hydraulic steering should be to dive into your boat’s manual. There will usually be a section on maintaining the system which will offer valuable information and maintenance advice.

A good hydraulic system

If your steering has been operating as it should without any anomalies, then a visual check is the only thing that is required.


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