I won the lottery!

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Sitting at my computer, daydreaming and ogling over the boats I’ll never be able to afford, you can imagine my excitement to receive an email from one Kathy Duffey, alerting me that my email
address has been randomly selected to win a substantial amount of money. I couldn’t be happier considering my long line of debt and that I’m on first name terms with the sheriff of the court. His
name is Mike.

Let me not digress too deeply into the murky waters of arrear accounts and the attachment of one fully functioning Defy microwave oven (still with a plate of tomato bredie leftovers in it), a Sony CD player (containing a Greatest Rock Hits disc) and my comfortable Coricraft couch (with three ballpoint pens, some loose change and a pair of sunglasses lost somewhere below the cushions). It’s a painful, distant memory, but I’ve let it go.

So, with this overly generous windfall just waiting to be paid into my account due to the random selection of my email address as the winner of R125 million in the 2016 ICC World 20/20 Promo,
the prospect of buying my new luxury liner is better than ever. In the official looking email I received, the allegorically encrypted reference numbers and an email address that redirects itself via
secure servers in Las Vegas, Istanbul and Venezuela to a small shack on a koppie in the Congo, it has certainly ramped up my lottery desires to a fully-energised status.

The hard cash is almost tangible at this point. I wait with baited breath for the next set of email instructions to arrive to bring me one step closer to my payout, and of course one step closer to my purchase of the beautiful boat.

Currently, this is the craft at the top of my list, but I’m open to suggestions. Post your dream mega-cruiser on our Facebook fan page and you could well receive an invite – when I take ownership.


The Cacos V hails from the Admiral shipyard and they certainly made a bold statement with this impressive vessel.


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