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Infanta 5.2

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The Infanta 5.2 SR (Semi-Rigid) is by no means a newcomer to the South African scene. In fact, this model is the choice of craft for many boating enthusiasts around the country. Built right here in SA, she has undergone a few cosmetic changes down the years. But there’s something different to take note of because it’s now powered by a brilliant 2011 Honda BF75 motor. We take a test-drive in Knysna to see what this inflatable offers to make her a great choice…

The Infanta 5.2 gained popularity easily first and foremost to her functionality — which is just about endless. Whether you’re looking to do a spot of fishing, some family cruising, tubing, skiing, or even beginner wakeboarding, the Infanta 5.2 will always be able to provide a safe platform to ensure your family is never let down. You may have seen this craft gracing our magazine pages before. Due to this, we’re going to skip the minor details and head straight through to the good stuff — the choice of power; which in this case, is a 2011 Honda BF 75 HP.

Where it comes from

Honda South Africa has made some pretty big claims about this outboard when compared to similar rated motors from other manufacturers. But, what exactly is it that makes Honda think it’s a step above the rest?

The BF 75 HP houses the same technology that’s utilised in their range of motor vehicles. A 4-cylinder, 1 496 cc engine (weighing just 163 kg) is what makes the horses gallop when you need them too. A programmed Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) delivers the precise amount of fuel/air to each cylinder. The result of this is easy starting and instant throttle response along with great fuel efficiency.

Of course, this outboard uses LeanBurn Control that increases fuel efficiency by allowing combustion to operate on a leaner air/fuel mixture. Honda claims that at cruising speed this technology alone causes the engine to run on 20% less fuel (based on EPA Fuel Mode Consumption) than others in its class.

A further reason for Honda to make claims that this outboard is on top of its game is the use of BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque). For those that don’t know, a quick movement of the throttle control activates the BLAST system, which advances the ignition curve aggressively.


Infanta 5.2All of the above technology is great in theory, but actually means nothing unless it’s being put to good use. Honda reckons this BF 75 HP is up to 10% lighter than competitive models — which on a light craft such as an Infanta 5.2, can make a lot of difference in terms of propulsion and ride of the craft.

On the review day, the 5.2 claimed a top speed of 70 km/h @ 5 500 rpm — which is probably faster than you’d really need to go with this type of craft. At this lightning quick speed, the craft is merely skipping across the water — and I could hardly feel the chop as we bolted along. At a good cruising speed of 30 km/h, you can look forward to an engine rpm of just 3 000 rpm — where the engine is incredibly fuel-frugal.

One of the craft’s qualities that had me extremely impressed was her neat cornering abilities — no matter the speed. This lightweight package was able to turn far tighter than I expected without a foot being put out of line.

On the day, we ventured near enough to the treacherous Knysna Heads to be able to put the craft through her paces. With a small swell running into the lagoon, I soon came to realise that it would take a small army to get this craft to back down from a challenge.

The deck layout of the Infanta 5.2 is made to be practical — and it is exactly that. However, I do have one thing that I would change, based on my personal preference. Based on my slightly shorter than average height and driving style, the skipper’s seat design wouldn’t be my first choice.

I’d imagine that the seat is done in her own way so that the skipper can remain seated, allowing for comfort during extended use, as well as protecting the skipper from the wind. You can see from the accompanying photos that the skipper (Paul Weavers) is choosing to semi-squat, which is apparently quite comfortable for him. I’d prefer to leave squats for the gym and either sit slightly higher on the Infanta 5.2 or even stand (with the aid from a comfortable support structure, of course).


Infanta 5.2The Infanta 5.2 SR is a great craft. She’s light in tow, agile in the water, easy to handle, and safe. What more do you really need from an affordable family runabout with endless possibilities?

She’s built to last too. Good thing that, since I’m sure the 5.2 is going to be a popular choice for many years to come.

Pricing on the Infanta 5.2 sits at R165 000.

For more information, contact Honda Marine Knysna on (044) 382 4090 or Honda Marine Somerset West on (021) 851 7710.


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