Inflatable and Rib

Infanta 7.5 SR

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The BIGGEST, the BEST and definitely the FASTEST in the Infanta range, the new 7.5 SR is the best boat Infanta builds. With its fast speeds, very good handling, cornering ability, load capacity and deck layout there is only one word to describe the 7.5 SR: PERFECT!

Technical details

Length 7500mm
Length on Trailer 8500mm
Inside Length 6330mm
Beam 2500mm
Beam in 1500mm
Comp 6+2
Passengers 15
Rec. Hp 115hp-250hp
Empty Weight 450kg


Standard features

  • Integral nose anchor box and seat.
  • Foldable sunbed and storage space.
  • 2x 230L sealed storage hatches below deck.
  • Non-slip deck.
  • Two separate moulded boxes for batteries and oil containers with a new deck drainage system.
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