Inlet Invitation

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One of the most difficult locations to negotiate a small boat through is an inlet when there is high offshore wind and an ebbing tidal current.

These adverse weather conditions ensure that the waves increase in height and the distance between each wave is diminished, making them more frequent, and ultimately, the situation more dangerous.

Conditions such as these are dangerous for a variety of vessels, especially the smaller vessels that can quickly find themselves caught up in the strong currents, waves and wind, which funnels into the inlet.

If a smaller craft experiences engine problems or a fouled propeller in the weather conditions described above, it can quickly lead to a potentially disasterous situation.

Winter woes

The South African winter season lends itself to higher wind action, larger swell action and stronger, unpredictable current action and the water is a lot colder, increasing the chances of hypothermia setting in, should the craft capsize.


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