Island running. Glacier Bay 2780

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What is it you need the most from a boat? Is it comfortable cruising with the family or is it a day of fighting fish? Glacier Bay thinks that both are equally important. Enter the Isle Runner 2780.

The Glacier Bay Isle Runner 2780 is a big displacement cat. Not everyone is a displacement hull type of boater, but it doesn’t mean this hot import is any less of a competent sea-going boat. The Editor travels to Gordon’s Bay to review the Glacier Bay and see what’s what.

Deck layout
Built in North Carolina in the US of A, the Glacier Bay company is part of a much bigger conglomerate which produces other quality models too. Beginning the brand in 1986, this company has plenty of experience in designing boats which work. It’s not so surprising then with what they’ve come up with in the 2013 version of the 2780.

This cat is big; measuring 27 feet (8.23 metres) in length overall by 2.67 metres across her beam, she’s got plenty of space to boast about. She’s jam-packed with standard features and has ample additional options – so, while space constraints don’t allow me to mention them all in this review, I will point out what I think you’d want to know.

This Glacier Bay is aimed to be a family-friendly fishing craft. This means that when you’re not out trying to catch a record fish, she’s more than happy cruising to the local hangout for a day of relaxing. Even though it’s not a dedicated sportsfisher, I do wish that there was more storage space for keeping what you’ve caught – so you might have to reconsider taking the trophy fish back to the scales. But what you do get is more than enough room at the stern to move around freely when the lines are in the water.

Also for the angler, a live-bait well is found behind the cockpit seating or I suppose you could turn it into an attractive aquarium feature if you really want to impress work-colleagues on board; and that’s the great thing about this boat – you don’t necessarily have to like wetting line to enjoy it since she is adequately finished off and kitted out to be luxurious too.

Inside the enclosed cockpit there’s a 12-volt fridge as well as a plumbed basin on the starboard side before you get to the comfy seating to the port side and dual skippers’ chair at the wheel. At the dash, the boat hasn’t yet been kitted out with echo sounders and chart plotters, but you will get your choice when placing your order. There is, however, the Jensen/Sirius iPod entertainment system to pump some tunes when you’re on the go. Towards the bow on the port side you can gain access to the cabin. Step down and you’re met with a proper marine toilet and a shower system if you really need one, or you can kick back and relax on the comfy bed as the boat gently rocks you away to a distant place.

Another nice touch that I like about this boat are the hidden seats at the transom – simply flip either of them up when you need the additional seating or fold them away when you need the space on board – it’s that easy!


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