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250 horses on the back of a 21-footer is fast becoming a regular sight – but let’s take a step back and think about it for a second; that’s 38.4 HP per metre of boat! Join us as we check out a family favourite craft and what it’s like when you put it in the ranks of near racing power.

It’s fair to say that South Africans tend to go for the ‘size does matter’ approach – especially when it comes to horsepower. I don’t say that as though I’m the exception to the rule – but the fact is we do tend to go bigger than what we really need – certainly when it comes to boats, at least.

So, for first the first time ever, we’ve taken a boat that people actually buy and paired it with the very top end of the outboard scale – Honda’s flagship 250 HP. I know that some will be quick to point out that the manufacturer’s plate on the back of the boat recommends a maximum power of 250 horses – but this isn’t a question of will it work, but rather, should one do it?

Deck layout
Here at the magazine, the Odyssey 650 has become quite a hit with us. Admittedly, we’re always looking for an excuse to be on board one, anyway. We’ve covered all the boats in the Odyssey range in previous editions, so if you’re an avid reader, you would no doubt have read about the 650 before. However, for those that are new to the brand, we’ll recap in brief what you can find on this craft.

In the bow, you’ll find room for four passengers while the cushions are separated by a step up platform with a concealed anchor locker. There’s also a conventional ski locker in the walkway to keep those extraneous items stored safely and ready for instant use.

At the stern there’s a massive U-shape lounger – arguably enough space for six passengers, no problem! There’s a cushioned backrest, which is extended around the entire stern too, which means that this area also becomes the perfect spot for soaking up a bit of sun and taking it easy.


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