Jetski Junket

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Jetskiing is certainly an exciting, adrenalin-filled sport that is designed to offer many hours of unrelenting action on the water, but launching and recovering your Jetski needs serious consideration.

Leisure Boating finds out the facts that pertain to the safe launch and recovery of your PWC so that you are able to minimise any risk associated with your favourite sport. Take a tour with us as we get our feet wet and crank the throttle wide open.

Do your checks

Before putting your Jetski in the water there are certain pre-launch checks that need to be done.

  • Prepare you jetski away from the slipway as a courtesy to others and to prevent rushing your checks on the slipway during the launch.
  • Inspect the entire PWC to ensure that there is no damage to the hull.
  • Remove the trailer tie-downs and make sure that the winch is properly attached to the bow eye and locked in position.


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