Karula Sands

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A Boater’s Utopia

Situated in the picturesque Barra peninsula in Inhambane, Mozambique; the tropical haven of Karula Sands is any boater’s dream investment opportunity. Leisure Boating takes a look at what this exclusive and private residential estate has to offer.

Less than 500 km north of Mozambique’s capital, Maputo, lies the exquisite Karula Sands Estate.

Enveloped by lush tropical vegetation and perfectly located between the ocean to the north and the estuary to the south, each and every unit in Karula Sands offers jaw-dropping views. The pristinely white and palm fringed beaches of Barra along with the warm waters of the Indian Ocean instantly lets one cross the threshold into the ultimate state of tranquillity.

The estate couldn’t have been more aptly named. Karula, meaning ‘Place of Peace’ is probably the most accurate way of describing this opulent and tropical retreat, as a sense of peacefulness immediately washes over you as you enter the area.

Family Fun
Inhambane is renowned for its spectacular offshore reefs, and divers travel from far and wide to plunge into the crystal clear depths teeming with over 1 000 species of exotic fish. Barra is well known for playing host to the majestic Whale Shark; dolphins; whales; Giant turtles; the extremely rare Dugong; as well as those mysterious and graceful winged creatures known as Manta Rays.

In addition to scuba diving, residents are spoilt with a huge variety of activities in the surrounding area including snorkelling, catamaran yacht cruises, deep sea fishing, ocean safaris, mangrove walks, dhow trips and horse riding. Even adrenaline junkies will get their fix with a selection of extreme sports such as kite surfing, jetskiing, windsurfing, quad biking, kayaking, S.U.P. (stand-up paddleboarding) and bodyboarding.

Choose your perfect holiday home Karula Sands offers buyers a unique Mozambican lifestyle from the luxury of a lavish home on the water’s edge. The estate consists of luxury units endowed with a waterfront, and offers boaters easy access to water channels and jetties.

Investors will have the choice of acquiring two, three, or four-bedroom houses, apartments or penthouses starting from R750 000 – all with ensuite bathrooms, depending on the owner’s specifications. Two and three bedroom houses are single storey while larger houses may be single or double levelled depending on the site purchased. The owner will also have the option of having a private pool. A new and exciting development is the opportunity to own a Boat Apartment which includes a loft bedroom, downstairs kitchen, bathroom, foldaway beds and a large boat garage to store your boat and accessories. Boat Apartments start at R350 000, and caters for the boating enthusiast who can also leave their boat in the Boat Apartment on a permanent basis.

The architecture of the estate (Please visit www.karulasands. com for architectural plans) aims to complement its surroundings by forming a harmonious relationship with nature, and each energyefficient, luxurious unit follows a trend of earthy-coloured plaster, thatch or tiled roofs, and timber decking. All units have similar facades and a colour aesthetic control is in place to ensure harmonious colours with the environment on exterior walls. Although there are predesigned homes there is the opportunity to create your own unique design, subject to acceptance by the Developer’s Aesthetic Controls Board. Building packages are available to suit each individual’s needs and preferences. ..


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