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SADSAA Knysna Deep Sea Carnival 2011

The annual South African Deep Sea Angling Association (SADSAA)’s Knysna Deep Sea Carnival 2011 was a much anticipated event on the SADSAA calendar, and it didn’t disappoint. SADSAA’s Sean Bekker reports.

SADSAA Knysna Deep Sea Carnival 2011This event kicked off on the 15th December 2011 at the Knysna Deep Sea Club with registration followed by the opening function and skippers’ briefing. Weather conditions on the first day were ideal and made for an easy trip through the Knysna Heads – something you don’t often see!
About 19 boats and 64 anglers made their way out to the fishing grounds in what can only be described as one of the most picturesque deep sea fishing sites in South Africa! Weigh-in began at 16:30 and was followed by a Happy Hour on the outside deck.
Boat Hunter landed seven Yellowtail fish – a rare find for this area!
Day two was again blessed with good weather conditions and the fleet made a safe run out to sea and again returned with bag full of decent-sized fish caught.
Day two’s special mention went to:

Boat: Wild Thing Angler: Quinten Slabbert Fish: Red Steenbras (13.65 kg) Angler: Basil Barnard Fish: Poenskop (14.45 kg)
Final list of fish caught:

SPECIES TOTAL WEIGHED TOTAL KG’s LARGEST (KG’s) Cob 13 46.15 11.90 Geelbek 8 24.45 6.45 Red Steenbrass 17 87.05 13.65 Poenskop 6 43.25 14.45 Yellowbelly Rockcod 1 4.65 4.65 Santer 19 32.20 2.90 Red Stumpnose 10 24.25 4.05 Roman 33 49.65 2.25 Dageraad 2 2.65 1.50 Hake 2 3.00 1.70 Carpenter 2 3.60 1.85 Mussel Cracker 1 4.40 4.40 Bronze Bream 2 2.60 1.40 Yellow Tail 7 14.65 2.55

Congratulation to the organisers for a well planned and executed event. For more details and pictures on this and other events around South Africa, visit the Blog on the SADSAA Website


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