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Let’s get the boat looking its best before summer

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Seeing that we are right in the middle of spring, and summer is smiling just around the corner, let’s look at the check-lists you need to follow to get your boat ready for the high season and some good old fashioned fun.


• Attend to the fibreglass and gel coat repairs
• Wash and polish the boat
• Repair and paint with bottom paint where needed
• Check zincs and replace where necessary
• Tighten all loose screws particularly on grab rails
• Check electrical circuitry
• Clean fuel tanks
• Check lifesaving equipment is in order
• Check biminis, canvas tops, curtains and canvas cushions
• Inspect the fenders and dock lines for damage
• Check all drain plugs
• Store the owner’s manual in a waterproof jacket in a safe place
• Check the keys to the boat.


• Do a tune up before high season
• Check the oil and replace it where necessary
• Check transmission
• Take the boat for a test run
• Check spark and compression
• Check carburetor
• Clean the battery terminals and cables connectors
• Ensure a battery clamp or securing strap is in place
• Change spark plugs
• Check thermostats
• Check pressure relief valve
• Secondary fuel fi lter
• Replace the water separator
• Clean and lube starter motor
• Bleed the oil injection system
• Check water pump
• Inspect the prop shaft seals
• Repair prop if balancing is needed
• Check gear lube washers
• Give the motor a good clean.


• Clean dash gauges and check they are working
• Check fuel gauges
• Check the water pump
• Check controls and steering
• Inspect the bilge pump to ensure correct operation
• Check the power trim
• Secure any loose clamps and hoses
• Check that all drive belts are tensioned correctly
• Check all through-hull fittings
• Ensure the battery is correctly installed and charged
• Check all lights
• Check the wipers and clean wiper blades thoroughly
• Check the compass
• Check that the fire extinguisher is correctly installed and in service
• Do radio checks.


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