Looking good. Bourbon sunglasses

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As a boater, you probably don’t have any sun allergies (yes, some are that unfortunate) – and since you’re not likely to be a vampire either, it’s important, nay, imperative, that you do have a decent set of sunnies when you are soaking up the Vitamin D outdoors. The Editor get’s a better look at Bourbon eyewear.

I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to things like glasses, especially for boating, since our eyes do tend to take quite a bit more punishment than usual. I made somewhat of a small investment in my eyes some time ago when purchasing my current eyewear (let’s call them brand O) and I wear them no matter whether I’m on the road, at the water, or trying to impress the ladies; and I have always been happy with them. Since they cost quite a bit of cash, I look after them as though they are made of gold, and if I’m honest, it does get rather tedious as anyone who values their glasses already knows.

What I like about my current brand O’s is that they are polarised, they fit my face snugly, and do give my eyes good protection. The manufacturer claims it is a polarized lens offering a full UV defence and filters out harmful blue light at up to 400 nm. Being a well-known brand, I’ve always been confident in trusting them. I recently came across a pair of ‘new to SA’ Bourbons, and having not heard of the make before, it took Jeremy of Honda Marine Somerset West a little convincing to get me to try a pair.

I was a bit hesitant, but did look up the specs (if you’ll excuse the pun) before putting in the money. The manufacturers of Bourbon sunglasses also have the polarised claim, as well as an SPF 50 UV rating which is apparently the highest you can get. The lenses are 1.1 mm in thickness and this is said to classify them as protective eyewear. Also nice to know is that they come with a comprehensive 12-month warranty on the manufacturing of each set.

Having proved quite popular in sales, the feedback that Jeremy received from other buyers is that the yellow/ red lens is the way to go for when you’re on the water as it eliminates the most glare – so, that’s the one I settled on. It’s been about four months since and I’ve really been putting these glasses to the test – daily in fact. So much so, these Bourbons are now my choice no matter whether I’m out on the boat, driving or just hanging out – although they can look a little sporty which conflicts with my body silhouette. The best part about these glasses is that they aren’t expensive – and at just R499 each, if they aren’t your number one pair, you can afford to wear them when needed and preserve the expensive set you currently own.

The material of the Bourbons is called TR-90 and allows the frames to be very flexible and means they shouldn’t give you headaches even if you have an abnormally large noggin’ like mine. They’re rumoured to be extremely durable and able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations ensuring they can survive the elements.

I’m not sure if it’s the lens itself or the colour, but these glasses give a specific effect from surfaces which shine – it almost turns them into a purple tint to tone down the shimmer. On the water, I’m able to see much clearer into the depth than I ever have previously and I can also look further into the horizon if I’m searching for some bird activity while fishing. Although not necessary but testament to their effectiveness, I noticed that I can even see remote tyre marks on roads that I can barely see normally due to the purple effect. The Bourbons are nicely flexible and light, meaning they don’t start to hurt above the ears but do fit comfortably so you don’t have to worry about them falling off easily. Jeremy of Honda, keen on his paddling when he’s not on powerboats, says he’s been beaten by waves a few times on his ski and is yet to lose a pair to the surf – and this I can believe.


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