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Malibu 22 MXZ

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Malibu 22 MXZ

The monster with in.
Malibu has spent years in search of the perfect wake without compromising onboard elitism, and having recently released the 22 MXZ, it might just be the boat to re-write the textbook on how things should be! They’ve pushed the helm back and put a pickle fork on the bow, and below, more V has been added to the boat’s hull to create even more wake. There’s also the optional Power Wedge which creates as much wake as 1 200 lbs of ballast! The Editor visits Germiston Lake in Gauteng for a ride that would make any wakester envious.

Malibu has made a pretty crisp, unambiguous, mission statement for the 22 MXZ and it should put the usual suspects on high alert that there is a new boat on the prowl. They claim that the MXZ is targeted “for high-level wake-boarders, or those who have aspirations of reaching that level”, since she was designed to offer “the best pull” in their line-up of wakeboats. With the target audience for the new 22’ 3” Wakesetter model being “anyone who wants to enjoy time on water aboard a comfortable wakeboard-style boat”, it’s no surprise that they are the choice of tow boat for those that like to do their tricks in front of crowds!

Deck layout

The all-new Malibu Wakesetter 22 MXZ represents a bold new take on classic Malibu Wakesetter style and performance.While setting the tone for the boat’s state-of-the-art form, the MXZ was the first Malibu designed completely in a digital environment. Beyond the glossy new design you’ll find Malibu Boats’ signature wakes, proven performance and standout features such as the Illusion G3 tower and Malibu Touch Command. It all starts with the extra-wide, pickle-fork bow, which not only maximises space and storage in the 22-foot Malibu Wakesetter MXZ but can be easily converted into one huge sun pad or play pen. The helm of the 22 MXZ has been moved aft slightly to create more space for lounge lizards up front, and is combined with a wraparound lounge at the stern to create seating for 15 throughout the boat. The Wakesetter MXZ’s rear seating can be reversed to face backwards and is perfect to get set for a session or just chill, with cup holders, a stereo remote and swim step-accessible wet storage.

A section of the starboard cockpit seat base contains a compartment for a soft-side portable cooler and the aft-facing stern seats double as storage compartments. Since it’s usually the skipper that paid for the craft, it’s only fair that they get all the toys – and you’d be hard-pressed to imagine a better place to be than behind the wheel (when you’re not on the wake, that is!). The standard stainless steel gauge panel surrounds a large analogue speedometer and tachometer with digital inserts that flank an LCD control screen, or the optional 6.5 inch MaliView Dash System. Malibu Touch Command (MTC) comes standard on the dash of the MXZ, offering Power Wedge, graphical ballast and lighting zone controls and coded, keyless ignition, among other functions.

Malibu’s MaliView Dash System accessory increases the size of the standard in-dash LCD to 6.5 inches and transforms the display to high-resolution colour and is even clearly visible in full sun. The MaliView offers control functions with 10-button navigation, including presets that control speed, ballast levels and Power Wedge position. The dash display also offers the ability to view video on the water from a variety of sources – you can either watch a pro as you go or view your day’s sets. When the sun starts getting low and you need to set the mood, LED lighting illuminates recessed areas along each side of the cockpit that are topped with padded bolsters to provide comfortable seating.

At the stern, the fibreglass swim platform is mounted low for easy access and a boarding ladder is offered as an option. Both the platform and ladder are removable. For the wake warriors, take note that the top of the platform has some rocker to it to help take the pressure off wakeboard skegs. Since this is a high-end imported craft, designed and produced for those at the very top of their game, you can expect everything to be of superb quality – and it really is!

The MXZ also has a new hull with a deeper semi-V design specifically designed to create wake. The keel of the Wakesetter 22 MXZ is equipped with what Malibu refers to as ”Gorilla Fins”. These are fitted to the Wakesetter’s hull to enhance the boat’s tracking and turning abilities and to help eliminate rolling and sliding in turns, and the craft really does take the corners like she owns them! The optional Power Wedge accessory functions as a reverse hydrofoil to direct water pressure from the boat’s forward progress to pull the stern deeper into the water. More water displacement means a bigger wake, so this is an easy way to get the most out of a session without having to overload the craft with passengers or water ballast. Offered in manual and automatic versions from Malibu, the auto system is controlled from the helm and can be set to almost any position between stowed and fully engaged, changing the wake size and shape while underway.

The standard 22.3-inch Wakesetter is powered by an inboard 350 HP Malibu Monsoon and employs a V-drive configuration to concentrate as much weight aft as possible to generate those tremendous wakes. An optional 410 HP Malibu 6.0L is offered as an upgrade. The MXZ as seen in these pictures was used for the recent E&A Wake Champs, so it had to be decked out in some once-off graphics, so don’t expect yours to look exactly like our review craft. However, being used in the competition, wakeboarders gave the MXZ top marks for its strong pull, sick look, and of course her crisp, meaty wakes.

If you want a top-of-the-line wake performance boat which is set to impress, the Malibu Wakesetter 22 MXZ is probably the best choice for you. This boat offers every performance and comfort option a serious wakeboarder could ever want, aboard a boat built by a manufacturer with a reputation for providing quality ski- and wake craft. This boat isn’t cheap, but I suppose neither is anything which is top class. The 22 MXZ is designed for the hard-core wake rider and there’s nothing subtle about her. She’s hot and proud of it!

Pricing of the Malibu 22 MXZ starts from R950 000 as reviewed (once off). For more information, contact Boating International on (011) 452 8280.


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