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MasterCraft 197 ProStar

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MasterCraft produces possibly some of the finest boats in the world, and perhaps just as relevant, more and more skiers are breaking records behind one. Dean Castle travels to the Vaal River to see what’s under the hood of the World Tournament Team, the MasterCraft 197 ProStar.

For starters, let’s go through her name – just so you know what exactly it is that’s caught your attention. The name MasterCraft means that this boat is built paramount with quality and craftsmanship in mind, designed from a rich heritage and created with years of experience and dedication. The ProStar part means that this MasterCraft is built to not only be a ski machine, but to be possibly the best at it. Of course, 197 is the length – which equates to 5.99 metres. Lastly, and most importantly, World Tournament Team (WTT) is what signifies that this boat seriously is: the bees knees … And that she is – especially since there’s a limited number of them built every year!
MasterCraft 197 ProStar

Deck layout

With a deep, open bow and overall seating for seven, the 2012 MasterCraft ProStar 197 WTT is sure to be something special.
This boat is in fact arguably the worlds greatest revamp boat. She’s been around for a good few years, but was only available in the closed-bow configuration. The 2012 ProStar 197 is built for performance, but does offer some real charm – the comfortable, new, open bow, for instance, provides opportunities for more passengers to witness that last set of yours.
MasterCraft 197 ProStar In the cockpit of the 197 it’s all about ergonomics. It offers great vision, super comfortable seating, and easy access to the gauges – for setting things like Zero Off.
At the transom of the 197, you’ve got great storage for your skis and equipment, and easy access to the swim platform – which, according to the manufacturer, is currently the largest platform available on a tournament ski boat. The teak inlay on the swim platform is the perfect place for putting on your skis and gear, as well as getting back onboard.
Our review craft was fitted with a stylish and effective canopy. For those that want it, an optional mini tower is available that’s designed for function over form. Super strong, it features ready-made speaker and light inserts, plus swivelling ski and board racks.


For our review, this MasterCraft was fitted with a huge Ilmor MV8 – which is an eight-cylinder, 6.2-litre inboard that produces 300 kW of power at 5 400 rpm. In plain English, that’s 400 HP!
Ilmor and MasterCraft have teamed up exclusively to create a boat that doesn’t just look beautiful, but performs too. It’s inevitable that these two companies ended up together, since both are driven by the same passion, and under the same philosophy that’s born from the demands of world-class competition.
Their efforts have certainly not been in vain, since the 197 ProStar WTT exudes class and performance.
The exciting part about the 197 is that it’s all about the wakes. If you’re a slalom skier trying to set a world record — you’ve got flat wakes, a low table and a low transition, and a strong powerful pull throughout your run. If you’re a trick skier, you’ve got a flat table and a defined lift at the top of the wake to give you that nice bit of pop off the wake.
But, that’s not all it takes to be top of the demands list for world competition skiers. To ensure this MasterCraft competes as the best, she’s also fitted with Zero Off Control. This preset speed control ensures you get a perfectly even pull, every time – because, let’s face it, few things are as frustrating as inconsistent driving during your passes!
The ProStar 197 WTT also gets its superb abilities from the flat hull design with her tracking fins. Borrowing more than 40 years of engineering and world-records from the hull of the smaller 190, the flat EVO hull of the 197 provides all the same amazing performance characteristics. It’s an art form which seemingly inspired a hull.

MasterCraft 197 ProStarConclusion

There’s this thing about being famous. Wherever you go people expect you to live up to your reputation. The MasterCraft ProStar 197 WTT has a world-renowned reputation, yet it still finds a way to exceed expectations.
With everything she has to offer in terms of being a world-class tow boat, it’s almost inevitable that the 197 will immediately help lift your skiing to the next level. Then you, too, can learn all about being famous!
Pricing on the MasterCraft ProStar 197 WTT starts at R 565 000.
For more information, contact Mike of Broderick Sports on 082 801 7065 or De Wet on 083 462 2133.


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