Meet the international talent coming to South Africa

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International Hyperlite Rider, Jimmy La Riche Hailing from Boca Raton, Florida, La Riche has amassed copious amounts of editorial coverage and video clips and represents a new generation of wakeboarders who are on the rise. With multiple world and national titles under his belt, LaRiche is known for consistency in the face of disaster – stomping his landings more often than not on the most diffi cult of tricks. Q: When Hyperlite put the word out to the international team that there was a trip lined up to South Africa, you were the fi rst to put your hand up. Any reason for the eagerness?

A: I love doing trips like these! I have a new cable board this year and I want everyone to get a chance to try this thing out. This is the perfect opportunity to get down and shred with the South African crew. I haven’t been over there before but always wanted to go – so when this trip came up I had to make it happen! Q: Being based in wakeboard’s world capital, Orlando, Florida, have you heard anything about the wakeboarding scene here in SA?

A: I have a few friends from there so I have heard some, but not a whole lot. It’s going to be a really good time seeing what it’s like in South Africa.
Q: You have been part of the Hyperlite team for quite a while now and what a huge accomplishment. What have you achieved over that period, both on and off the water?

A: Hyperlite has been so good to me and they have such an exciting outlook on wakeboarding. It’s unreal getting to work with them on products and pushing different aspects of the sport. It’s been about eight years and a lot has happened in the time; I’ve grown from a little rider to who I am today and I couldn’t have done that without their help. I love having fun on the water – that’s what it’s all about – and Hyperlite makes that easy for me.

Q: How does the ride of your new FLX differ from your previous Franchise models?

A: The FLX is totally new. It’s a very soft fl ex board that is perfect for park riding. It’s fast, aggressive, and presses like you wouldn’t believe. The original Franchise is stiffer with more of a ‘behind the boat’ build – but it offers me a good spread for both worlds.

Q: Thanks for your time Jimmy; any last words?

A: See you guys soon! I’m looking forward to it!


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