Monster Energy Rail Rodeo 2012

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Monster Energy Rail Rodeo 2012

On the 15th of September 2012, Monster Energy Rail Rodeo cable wakeboard riders arrived at Base 3 Leisure Lakes under very gloomy, disconsolate skies, not knowing if the event was going to take place. But as the diehard and expectant fans started arriving, SA’s best wakeboarders and wakeskaters plucked up the courage from deep down and dressed up in their wetsuits to get the practice runs underway. Right from the start it was evident that the best riders in the country had shown up and the practice turned out to be the spearhead for some of the most spectacular rail and obstacle-riding South Africa has ever seen!

The judges went up to the judges box and had a bird’s eye-view of the mind-blowing action on the water as the best of the best riders started the unconventional ‘jam session’ which was broken into two heats – and first up were the wakeskaters.

The riders were exceptional and showed why they are the best in the country. Darren ‘two step’ Turner impressed, whilst Ronix rider, Kaylib Louw was certainly not a stranger for danger, as he attempted the rooftop slider many a time, and his efforts were rewarded with some serious bruises. Fox rider, Matti Buys, SA’s best wakeskater at present, showed off his talent on all sliders and obstacles and ‘busted’ the most awesome moves from the wakeskate tricktionary. It was certainly something to witness and his skilful runs with some impressive tricks including a Switch Frontside 360, Switch Backside 360 and a Switch Bigspin Mute elevated him to the top of the podium – a certain and most deserved winner of the wakeskate division once again. Kaylib Louw placed second and Darren ‘two step’ Turner finished in third.

The Wakeboard division was a highly contested affair, and riders that went all out and made consistent use of all the water sliders and obstacles hit it off and made the podium. High levels of skill and technical riding was foundation to the big air manoeuvres off the kicker ramp – which proved to be a crowd favourite. Liquid Force’s Ryan Durham, Jason Colbourne and Cameron Graeme fought it out against the likes of Burn Industries’ Damien Laird, who also happened to throw some of the biggest and most insane tricks of the day, and it made for some standout performances. Ryan Durham didn’t hold back, and tricks like a Backside 720, Method Crow Mobe and a Frontside 720 secured the win. Cameron Graham got a well-deserved second spot while Jason Colborne finished in third.


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