Mother’s Day: The Nautical Way

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This Mother’s Day it’s time to pull out all the stops and prepare your boat for the best possible nautically-inspired celebration. Rally the whole family around, because we’re about to spoil mom rotten.


The first step to set your plan in motion is to reserve mom for Mother’s Day, because the last thing you want is her going off with the book club ladies to a string ensemble at the local library. Get
your request in early so there are no hiccups.

Now that you’ve got mom in the bag, it’s time to decide what type of boating experience you and your family are going to offer her, as there are a number of options.


A breakfast on board the boat is a great way to start Mother’s Day. Stock the boat up with the most scrumptious delights and pick mom up early on the morning and transfer her to the boat.

Go all out, let the family rally around her while you cook the eggs, crispy bacon, croissants, mushrooms, tomatoes and fried onion. The smell of your best mocha will form the backdrop to this culinary Mother’s Day breakfast feast.

Make the morning on the boat even more special with everyone presenting mom with a small gift and a card.

It’ll make mom feel like a million bucks and it’s the least you can do to show your appreciation for all the years of kindness and love she has provided.


If your mother is not able to make the early morning breakfast run, prepare a brunch and get the whole family involved. Add some scrumptious sausages, potato pancakes, French loaf and a choice of cheeses to the mix of eggs and bacon and pull out the champagne for a consummate celebration.

Once all the gastronomical delights have settled in satisfied stomachs, take the boat out on a cruise and let mom be at the helm.

Prepare a certificate at home and hand it to her in recognition of her captaining the ship. It should say something along the lines of “In recognition of the captain that has kept this boat afloat through thick and thin” or “You’re the captain of our hearts” or “We’re glad that you are at the helm of our ship”.


Moms always love a good lunch with family. Get the whole family on board, including mom and prepare her favourite lunch.

Spare no cost when it comes to the best ingredients after finding out what her meal of choice is. It’s her day, let her decide on the menu.

Sit together on the boat and enjoy a lunch fit for a queen. Make sure mom gets the best seat on the boat, because she is the dignitary of the day.


If your boat does not have the facilities to prepare a meal on board, opt for the evening cruise with bubbly and then take mom for a wonderful dockside dinner with the family.

Let her sit at the head of the table because this is her day, all day. Let her regale you with stories from her childhood and she’ll want hugs of course, lots of hugs, particularly from the grandchildren.


• A nautical themed gift basket
• A wool poncho to fend off the cool sea breezes
• A Swedish headband for added comfort and warmth
• Woollen beanie to keep her head snug
• A subscription to her favourite boating magazine
• A pair of Sperry top-sider boating shoes with anchor motifs
• A nautical-themed scrapbook filled with photos of the family

This Mother’s Day there is only one captain on your boat and that’s mom. Her orders stand, unless she’s had too much bubbly and is aiming your boat towards an oil tanker in the shipping lanes. But, as long as she’s not about to crash the boat … she remains in charge!

Happy Mother’s Day.


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