Mystique 22 Offshore

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As has been the situation since 1986, Angler Boats, one of the market leaders in quality, have produced a boat with an exceptional finish, beautifully appointed and trimmed upholstery, fitted carpets, and high quality stainless fittings. The windscreen is constructed from an extruded aluminium frame fitted with glass windows, and a fold-back centre door is provided to keep the cold air out of the cockpit during those cool early morning excursions. A nice feature is the fold down ladder, stored neatly under a cover on the bow, in addition to a similar ladder on one of the two platforms at the stern.

If you’re looking for a completely useless, geeky fact to impress your boating friends with shoreside, here’s one for you. The Mystique 22 is exclusive to Yamaha marine dealers in a sundeck or offshore version, depending on your needs. However, if you see the exact same boat but no Yamaha on the back, it’s called an Odyssey 650 – also available in the two variants – and it means the craft was sold by an Angler Boats dealer which doesn’t have Yamaha rights. Natal Caravans and Marine is a trusted Yamaha dealer, and they gave me the chance to get my hands on the Offshore version – and considering its soft ride it would be well suited as a sea-going family cruiser, quite capable of enjoying the sites the coast has to offer, or alternatively just as good for use inland.


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