New Arrival: Fairline Targa 48 Open

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Fairline Targa 48 Open

The eyes of South Africa, and indeed the world, have been waiting to feast on the most majestic arrival for the big boat market. But wait no longer, as the stunning 2015 Fairline Targa 48 cruiser has arrived – and she’s most certainly in a class of her own! Boating World’s MD, Derrick Levy, knows his boats – and for Derrick to wait with bated breath for this sports cruiser, which has taken Europe by storm, means that this vessel is sure to be a step even further beyond the company’s successful line up.

Boating World’s very own marine legend, Derrick Levy, has a unique ability for picking boats that go on to become boat of the year – and the new addition to their stable, the Fairline Targa 48 Open, seems set to take the title hands down. This Targa is destined to be a favourite the world over and Derrick, like a true boating savant, has been convinced from the get-go that this craft would suit South Africa’s pristine coastline perfectly, while captivating local enthusiasts.



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