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Oddyssey 650 Sundeck

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The Odyssey 650 is just one of the new releases in South Africa. Even so, she’s been making some pretty big waves as to what’s perceived to be true quality. Produced by one of South Africa’s top boat builders, Don Jarratt, specifically for Honda Marine, she is pure elegance at its best! The Editor takes a trip to Knysna to see the Odyssey 650 – this really is something special!

If you’re a devoted reader of this magazine, you might recognise the Odyssey from somewhere – and you’d be correct in thinking so! It is in fact the same boat as the Mystique 21, which we had the pleasure of reviewing for you in our previous edition. But, please don’t think that this will be a reprint from last month. No, this review is to illustrate that this craft, in all her glory, is well suited for not only many applications, but one that can be powered by a variety of outboards, as well.

Deck layout

Odyssey 650
Odyssey 650

Flotation in the Odyssey is provided by 2 150 litres of injected high density foam in the hull, and copious amounts of space above the deck.

In the bow, you’ll find room for four passengers on the plush seating. The cushions are separated by a step up to the bow platform, which comprises an anchor locker. This doubles up as the housing for the fold up ladder too! The anchor is kept in place by a simple holder, and the ladder folds on top. So, although snug, it’s all you actually need. This shows me that some thought has really gone into this particular craft!

The walk-way is something unique from other boats in her class too. Although ordinary at first glance, the Odyssey has got a bit of a party trick! There is a storage compartment on the side of the console to keep three days worth of gear dry and neatly stored. The door to this compartment can also be locked in the open position and attaches to the fold-back section of the windscreen. This reduces wind in the cockpit to one that’s almost none-existent and will be ideal should a cold breeze pick up while you’re on the water. You really could use the Odyssey all year round, methinks! The toughened glass windscreen (with aluminium framework), has been tinted to reduce glare from the water’s surface and making the craft a safer one to pilot. There’s also a conventional ski locker in the walkway to keep those extraneous items stored safely and ready for use instantly.

At the stern there’s a massive U-shape lounger – arguably enough space for six passengers, no problem! There’s a cushioned backrest, which is extended around the entire stern too, which means that this area also becomes the perfect spot for soaking up a bit of sun and taking it easy. As you may have guessed, there’s plenty of storage below these seats, too.

A cocktail table can be installed either at the stern or the bow quite easily, for those times when you want to entertain on board. When not in use, the components are neatly stored away in designated places. Carpeting has been placed at the stern, while a non-slip decking has been built into the bow.

Finally, you’ve got the place where everyone is going to want to be – in total control on the skipper’s throne! The seating is a wrap-around type, designed to hold you snugly, sort of like a racing car’s seat – except a lot more comfortable! When seated here, you not only have a great view of the dash (which comprises a set of Honda engine management gauges and a switch panel), but you get a brilliant view forward which isn’t obstructed by the windscreens frame. The seat also has a flip-up bolster should you wish, and is a feature I think that mostly ladies would prefer – even though I myself found that it did add a certain luxury.


Oddyssey 650 Sundeck
Oddyssey 650 Sundeck

This Odyssey 650 was fitted with a new Honda 225 HP 4-Stroke. According to the manufacturer, this V6 monster has a total cylinder displacement of 3 471 cc and pumps out 225 HP @ 5 500 rpm. With a dry weight of 267 kg, this beast looks intimidating, and sounds even better.

With three on board and a full tank of fuel, I was able to get the Odyssey 650 onto the plane in just 3.4 seconds, and to a top speed of 92 km/h @ 6 200 rpm. Cruising in the 650 means you’ll be travelling at 38 km/h at a low 3 000 rpm.

With all her power at the stern, the 650 can certainly move when required. At faster skiing speeds, the wake produced is good enough for an intermediate skier. Meanwhile slower speeds will give a good enough displacement for a decent wakeboard session.

On board, all of the passengers remained dry and safely protected, and the hull seemed strong and sturdy enough to take on almost any conditions – not that I would expect any thing less from her bespoke builder!

Finishing touches

Oddyssey 650
Oddyssey 650

The Odyssey 650 comes with some impressive finishes on board. The ski wing wraps around the transom and is within reach of being able to easily loop the ski rope over. This metal work, in conjunction with the telescopic boarding ladder on the port-side swim platform, also doubles up as a grab rail and facilitates easy boarding from the water.
The Odyssey logo and fabric stitching work is elegantly found around the craft to give the look of real class.


The Odyssey 650 is a brilliant craft. She’s got plenty to offer and exceptional value for money too!
Mix a great build quailty with reliable Honda power, not to mention being rigged by arguably one of the best to date, and you get a package which is hard to beat based on price and quality.

Price of a full house Odyssey 650 Sundeck with a 225 HP Honda outboard, canopy, covers and more, starts at R420 000

For more information contact Honda Knysna on (044) 382 4090, or email


At the stern of the Odyssey 650 you’ll find a massive U-shaped lounger, arguably enough space for six passengers – no problem!

A cocktail table can be installed either at the stern or bow for those times you just want to rest your beverage and appreciate your surroundings!

With Honda gauges, a switch panel and hydraulic steering, this is one helluva stylish helm area!


RPM km/h
3 000 38.6
4 000 59.5
5 000 74.0
6 200 91.7


2010 Honda 4-Stroke
Engine type: V6
Horsepower: 225 HP
Displacement: 3 471 cc
Induction: VTEC
Operating range: 5 000 – 6 000 rpm
Weight: 267 kg
Gear ratio: 1.86:1


Water conditions: flat Wind velocity: 3 knots
Air temperature: 15 C
Weight: Three crew
Acceleration: 2.9 seconds
Top speed: 91.7 km/h

*The manufacturer has verified that all specifications are correct prior to print.


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