Open Your Wallet In Winter

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What’s the best time of year to buy a boat? We often get asked this question at Leisure Boating and there is no right or wrong answer to this question. That being said, the off-season in South Africa, which is winter, is a good time to buy a boat as there is usually a glut of boats on the market.

A good friend of the magazine conveyed recently that he purchased a boat at well below its asking price and way below its actual value during the winter months. He also said that there are so many boats on the market during winter and this ensures a buyer’s market.

If you’re selling your boat on the other hand, it is always a better idea to sell it during the high season where you will attract more buyers.

In the South African market, the winter months are traditionally when you can pick up great deals on new boats as dealerships make way for the new models that are coming out. This positions buyers in an excellent spot, towards the end of winter in the September and October months, to pick a great new boat deal at a reduced price. Good deals on pre-owned or privately owned boats are also prominent during the winter season.


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