Plane And Simple

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We all love the feeling of travelling at high speeds on our powerboats and gliding across glassy waters while watching the rest of the world trudge by. This is one of the primary reasons we own powerboats in the first place.

It’s a thrill, an adventure and a whole lot of fun, but flying along at high speeds does require a set of skills to maximise the experience and keep everything as safe as it should be. Travelling at speed requires correct boat handling and the correct trimming of the motors.

High speed travel

It takes a lot of power to get a boat onto the plane but once it is there you can throttle back slightly to maintain an even speed and conserve fuel.

As the throttle is moved forward, the powerboat begins to move from being a displacement boat at low speed and starts to climb on top of her bow wave and begins the transition to getting onto the plane.

As a boat’s speed increases, less of the hull touches the water, reducing the friction and allowing higher speeds to be maintained using less power.


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