Pontoons On Parade

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If you’re part of the boating scene, then you’ll be aware that the popularity of the pontoon boat is on the increase. This is as good for pontoon sellers as it is for pontoon buyers. So what is all the excitement about?

Pontoon boats have become increasingly popular as a way to enjoy the water in a style all of its own with friends and family. But let’s find out why the pontoon is a wonderful alternative to the traditional V-hulled power boat.

With the advancement in boat building materials and the introduction of more efficient and lighter outboard motors, pontoon boats have lost their slow and sluggish moniker. The slow, cumbersome reputation has been replaced by a pontoon that is much more manoeuvrable, faster and more fun to drive. Today it is not uncommon for pontoon boats to reach speeds in the 50s and above.

Modern pontoons are also fitted with luxurious interiors that offer superior levels of comfort. But let’s consider the buyer that has never even thought of owning a pontoon, let alone been on one. Let’s also consider that many boat owners will come from the fibreglass V-hulled camp, and it’s these buyers that need the facts concerning the wonderful pontoon boat.

Leisure Boating magazine finds out more.

What is a pontoon boat?

A pontoon boat is really any boat that has a large flat deck mounted on two or three metal tubes (pontoons). On deck, the pontoon will usually have luxurious relaxation areas, standing bars, sun tanning areas and a variety of comfortable seats and expansive lounge-like areas for guests to enjoy their time on the water.


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