Pro Boat Tour Stop One 2015

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Misverstand, Cape Town, a hidden gem and one of the best riding spots in the country, saw the country’s best wakeboarders gathering in early March for their first stop of the National Pro Wakeboard Boat Tour. Proceedings got off to a scorching start with temperatures soaring as high as 40 °C and staying hydrated was quite a challenge. Needless to say, the riders were queuing on the dock to get their practice runs in, and for good reason as this season is the first to have a MasterCraft as the official tow boat. And not any old MasterCraft either – it was the X25 and it lived up to everyone’s expectations.

Never have any of us seen riders boot off a wake as majestically as they did behind this machine. Saturday morning was pristine and the rider’s briefing commenced at nine share with big smiles on faces as riders couldn’t wait to get behind the beast of an X25 again. The youngsters were first to test the waters and it was breathtaking to see how these little ones had improved since last season and how comfortable they are on the water now. One brave little girl, Micaela Wiseman, was the only female in this division but she certainly gave the boys a run for their money! James Palmer- Owen and Tristan Cox were the stand-out performers of the little leaguers, though, and impressed bystanders with surface backside 180s, wake jumps and even heelside wake to wakes.


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