Product Review: Airhead Switch Back

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Airhead Switch Back

Ride the four-rider Airhead Switch Back sitting in front with a supportive inflatable backrest and side panels, or kneeling behind the backrest for a two-in-one ride that’s different every time. This thrilling inflatable water cruiser features two heavy-duty PVC bladders within a double-stitched nylon cover to ensure years of use. Two Speed Safety Valves allow quick inflation and deflation. High backrest and side walls offer support for riders and neoprene pads make for comfortable sitting and kneeling. Numerous boarding straps make re-boarding a breeze from the water and feature knuckle guards for added protection during your ride.

Why we like it?

What makes it great is the versatility it offers. Ride it with two sitting in front and two kneeling in the back, or mix it up however you want.


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