Selecting the perfect fishing boat for your needs

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Having the first good look around your new boat is always an exciting time for a boater but setting the boat up properly to suit your fishing needs requires careful consideration. But don’t get despondent too soon as boats can often be confi gured and tailored to suit your particular style of fishing.


Before you spend money on a boat you need to carefully consider which type of boat will suit your fishing requirements. The style and the size of boat will also need to be decided upon. If you like to sleep over on the boat on fishing trips, then a cabin boat might be more up your alley. If you don’t want to overnight, but you still want a bit of protection from the elements, then a hard top is probably a better choice. If you want to pack all your fishing friends into the boat and have as much fishing space as possible, then a centre console might be your choice.


Some anglers prefer more deck space and less seating so they can accommodate more fishermen, while other boat owners prefermore seating without so much focus on having space for many fishermen. This is one thing that needs to be considered very carefully before purchasing a fishing boat. Less seats equates to more anglers.


If you are a seasoned boater then you will have your motor preferences. The modern 4-stroke outboards offer better and better consumption and their reliability is very good. There are a variety of manufacturers that offer 4-stroke outboards and it is always advisable to find a dealer for servicing close to your proximity. When it comes to electronics, shop around and purchase the best possible selection that suits your budget. The price of electronics has come down over the years and the quality has improved. This is good news for new boat owners.


Next you need to decide what size boat you want. Are you going to be towing the boat or are you going to be mooring it at your local marina? This is an important question, and once you’ve established this, you can then start to narrow down your boat search. Larger hard tops can be more prone to movement in the wind when bringing the boat onto the trailer and not that easy for a single person to manage, whereas centre console boats are a lot easier to launch and retrieve as a single person. Above all else, find the boat that best suits your needs and then take it for an extensive sea trial to ensure you like the ride.

Whether you throw a line in the water just past the marina, or make the great trek and travel the longer distances into the deep blue sea in search of big game fish, the thing that is most required to ensure you return to shore with a smile is a well-suited vessel. Don’t dive into the first purchase of a boat that you think might work for you; rather, test as many different varieties of boat as you can to find the one that most suits your fishing needs, then prepare thoroughly for tomorrow morning … because we’re going fishing!


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