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Sensation 22SXi

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Go anywhere and do anything Because now you can!

This is one of the latest offerings from Twin Boats and Trailers in Vereeniging, the Sensation 22SXi. Although the hull is actually from the previous Clifton XXX, which we here at the magazine were incredibly fond of, a few changes have been made making the overall look a whole new ball game for the company. Leisure Boating takes a peek at whether the Twins have hit a home run, or had a swing and a miss!
Our testing grounds for this craft takes us to two different locations; the Vaal River in Vereeniging where the altitude is high, and Gordon’s Bay where the water from the Atlantic ocean is icy. The difference allows us to make the best judgment call as to what the craft is capable of.

Sensation 22SXi - Leisure Boating Magazine

Deck layout

Sensation 22SXi - Leisure Boating MagazineThe most radical change to the craft has been the new pickle-fork nose, which is a first for South African boat builders. Thanks to this trident-like shape, the bow area is able to be made more spacious as the interior has been opened up a little further sideways as well as forward.

The bow area, complete with luxury touches such as cup holders and quality speakers for the sound system, can accommodate three passengers comfortably. A cushion insert can be used to convert the seating into a generous-sized sun lounger.
As you move aft past the walk-through windscreen, the feeling of the push-stud carpeting under foot, and elegance of the finishings only then truly grasp.
U-shaped seating at the stern is more than adequate for up to five adults, with its well-upholstered, plush seats.
This area is flanked by the skipper- and co-pilots chair, which are fully adjustable to suit all shapes and sizes behind the wheel.
Built into the binnacle in front of the skipper is a beautiful set of stylish gauges and switches, set into a carbon-fibre backing. Analogue readouts give you speed, hours, oil pressure, fuel, engine temperature, rpm and trim. A Boss Marine audio control is also at the skipper’s fingertips, allowing easy selection of what’s played when everyone takes note of the craft that surely everyone wants to be on! A full length sun lounger as at the stern, which has a hinged door allowing passengers to board and disembark without making your seats grubby – something I’ve always had a personal problem with on most other craft.
A moulded-in swim platform can be found at the stern with non-slip padding and built-in telescopic ladder, allowing skiers and wakeboarders the chance to gear up for probably one of their best sessions on the water.


The engine installed on the 22SXi for the review day, was the MerCruiser 5-litre MPI. Even at altitude, this beast of an inboard is able to kick out some serious power, and in fact edged the craft further than the last point on the speedometer – 90 km/h. Down at sea level, you can look forward to a top speed of around 108 km/h with a 4.3-litre inboard.
The acceleration isn’t bad either, and it’s faster than the previous Clifton XXX! Hopping onto the plane at around just three seconds and achieving top speed shortly afterwards, leaves goose bumps down the back of your neck – and the feeling is pretty addictive!
The handling of the 22SXi is absolutely impeccable. Out on the ocean, the craft takes it all in its stride, ironing out any rough surface water without any worrying shudders or jolts, leaving all on board feeling safe and secure. Grab rails become something that is there just for looks!
In corners, the 22SXi can be turned with just one finger on the wheel. But be prepared, because this craft can turn tight and handle like no other!
Due to the shape of the running surface on the hull, all water is directed downward and out, leaving everyone onboard protected from the elements.


Sensation 22SXi - Leisure Boating MagazineI’m actually not surprised the 22SXi has got a Sensation name on it. Twin Boats and Trailers have always been at the forefront of the latest, and arguably the best looking boats – with performance and ability to match.
The further benefit is that Twin Boats and Trailers offer a lifetime structural warranty, meaning that you can rest assured that you’re on one of the safest crafts to date! All this – and you won’t need a deep pocket to own one!
For more information contact Twin Boats and Trailers on (016) 366 1630, or email
The Sensation 22SXi, when tested as the Clifton XXX at sea-level in the Cape, gives a top speed of around 108 km/h with a 4.3-litre inboard engine.
With an abundance of space, comfortable seating and capabilities, the Sensation SXi is a real family entertainer!


Built into the binnacle is a beautiful set of stylish gauges and switches mounted in carbon fibre.
Skipper and co-pilot can enjoy the luxury of fully adjustable and beautifully upholstered chairs to suit all shapes and sizes.
A sleek waketower and a large sun lounger at the stern promises real leisure time for you and your passengers.
A moulded-in swim platform can be found at the stern with non-slip padding and built-in telescopic ladder.


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