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Magson Marine’s Filante 202

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of marine performance, practicality, quality and comfort, then look no further than Magson Marine’s Filante 202. If it’s classic good looks, awesome utility or serious amounts of deck space you’re after, this cabin cruiser is bound to get your pulse racing – and everyone else’s! Leisure Boating reunites with this classic craft.



This 20.2-ft (6.2 m) cabin boat is a real head-turner, bound to harvest more than a few envious stares – most possibly from bikini-clad ladies begging for a quick spin on this boat. Sexy, sassy and full of spunk, there’s a certain pedigree or “intangible quality” associated with this boat; a real [je ne sais quoi] if you will. Thanks to a very appealing cosmetic facelift, Magson Marine’s new Filante 202 features a more streamlined, sportier look from the previous model which graced our pages nearly eight years ago (July/August 2004).

Also, an improved, more rigid hull construction from a proper manufacturing process has given this nippy little cabin cruiser enhanced performance attributes with some serious offshore ability. Magson Marine offers a twin motor installation option on the Filante 202, greatly increasing its market scope by including sea users. The medium to deep V-hull deals with chop and swells in a very cordial fashion, providing a silky ride even when adverse weather conditions emerge. The foam flotation is SAMSA-compliant and offers you peace of mind in terms of boat licensing and safety while out at sea.

The aluminium-framed wraparound windshield keeps passengers and skipper dry and protected at speed, without noticeably compromising visibility or the boat’s aerodynamic profile. The windshield opens in the centre with convenient steps leading onto the foredeck.

Non-slip surfaces and a wet deck ensure great grip, with a twin scupper draining system getting rid of any water on deck. A tinted hatch window provides cool lighting for the cabin area. Although this area provides ample space for sleeping and a comfy stand-up height, the vessel’s primary strength lies in its optimal ondeck space-usage…


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