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Sunsport 2150

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Going BIG

If bigger is better, then the Sunsport 2150 is definitely pushing the envelope. With all her luxuries, lots of pace, and plenty of space to boot, it’s no wonder this craft is becoming a family favourite. We travel to Germiston Lake in Johannesburg to check out the 2012 version of this very appealing craft.

Deck Layout

The Sunpsort 2150 pushes the measuring tape to 6.5 metres in length, with a beam of 2.76 metres – so this gave the designers a lot of room to find the best layout configuration. Of course, it wasn’t just an educated guess, since the Sunsport 2150 has been around for a few years already and done her proving hours – which is possibly where her 2012 ‘tried and trusted’ layout comes from.
On board, you’ll find all that’s necessary to ensure this craft is just as well thought out as she is kitted.
Sunsport 2150
Aside from things that you would expect to be on the boat, like non-slip flooring, removable cushions in the walk-through section, stainless steel pop-up cleats and much more, you’ll also find there’s a few extra’s that’ll make your boating experience just that much more pleasurable. Take for example things like the 12-volt, 24-litre cooler (or warmer if you need it), an extra large, carpeted ski hatch with gas shock, and an extra large swim platform at the stern. Thankfully, all of the above, plus much more comes as standard on the 2150.
With this 2150, you’ll be able to take 10-12 passengers (depending on the use), and is limited to one nautical mile’s distance since there is only one motor, being a whopper of an inboard! On that note, I do not have first-hand experience of what this craft is like on the ocean, but due to her construction, Cathedral hull design, and an ‘Advanced Planing System’, I reckon she could be very good. For those not aware, a Cathedral hull characteristically tends to be more stable and slightly more efficient at planing speeds than a conventional vee hull.
ReviewThe hull shape on the 2150 also lends itself well to the pickle-fork bow – which aside from adding aesthetics, gives the benefit of the bow area being made wider and bigger than a similar conventional vee bottom bow rider. Translated, the bow becomes a huge, comfy tanning deck once the filler cushions are in place, and seals off the stern from the oncoming wind.
Also at the bow, you’ll find an anchor locker as well as a telescopic ladder for those wanting to board from the water.
In the stern seating area you’ll find a plush L-shaped lounger for four passengers. A neat walkway section to the stern swim platform leads to the apex of this seating.
Moulded into the side of the craft where the co-pilot sits, is a nicely upholstered chair, made to be wide enough for a passenger to face different directions. Personally, I find this 180-degree, angled seat a bit bulky, and to be comfortable, my head had to rest against the side windscreen. While a normal bucket seat would be more to my liking, I realise you’d lose the extra packing space under the current style base.
The hinged engine cover is cushioned and although good for tanning I think it’s better suited for those wanting to be involved in the action – whether it be socialising with swimmers while relaxing on the water, or watching a friend go wild on a tube.
As you’d expect, the Sunsport 2150 is made to be enjoyed by both watersport fans and those that like to live it up. And when you are entertaining, simply add the easy-to-install cocktail tables (front or rear), sit back, and relax…
The skipper is pretty spoilt too on board this 2150. The gauges are neatly set in a carbon look-alike backing in a sort of amphitheatre style – leaving the helm simplistic, neat, and ordered. As reviewed, a Sony Marine radio/front loading CD player for crystal clear music can be found mounted behind a splash-proof covering next to the steering wheel, as well as versatile Lowrance X-4 fishfinder for productive shallow and deepwater fishing.
There’s plenty of storage space on board the Sunsport 2150, allowing you to take all you’ll need, and have it stored safely out of sight. Especially for ocean usage, an on-deck gutter system, two scuppers, and wet deck holes are present to maximise drainage from the craft.


The Sunsport 2150 is primed for play and doesn’t disappoint. For our review, the craft was fitted with a 5.0-litre MPI, 260HP MerCruiser inboard – providing plenty of low end grunt, good high speeds for tubing, and fuel efficiency levels that are possibly second to none. Fuel for the motor is supplied from a large, built-in, 90-litre fuel tank – which will probably last longer than you can!
Acceleration is quick, and planing comes fast – either from the specially designed planing system, or the massive amount of power under ‘the hood’. Either way, this craft would be really good on the sea for its out-of-the-hole time – which is just over four seconds at altitude on Germiston Lake.
On the test day, the wind had picked up considerably and was putting a decent chop across the water’s surface – which was hardly noticeable from the craft’s handling as we blazed across the lake.
The 2150 was incredibly stable as promised, it was quick in response, smooth, and easy to skipper – which possibly isn’t so surprising since she looks much bigger in pictures than she really is.
It’s the family man that is probably the target buyer for this craft, since adults and kids can enjoy it to the full. Young one’s too, since the high gunwales make it extra safe!


The Sunpsort 2150 is flashy, without being over-the-top. It allows the owner to be modest, while making an undeniable statement.
She really is something special – so take your family or your friends, or simply take them all; because you’re sure to be popular with a 2150.
Price of the Sunsport 2150 as standard starts at R340 000.
For more information, contact Boating International on (011) 452 8280.


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