SUZUKI’S new DF140A Lean Burn

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Maximising Fuel Economy, Maximising Performance

Suzuki believes that in their newly engineered range of outboards, boaters will find a product that delivers the best in fuel economy without sacrificing on the kind of performance boaters want in an outboard.

The new DF140A takes advantage of Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control system which has been delivering remarkable fuel economy on outboards, like Suzuki’s award winning DF300AP, DF20A/15A and the DF40A through DF90A.

According to Suzuki, the Lean Burn Control predicts fuel need according to operating conditions, allowing the engine to run on a leaner, more efficient fuel/air mixture, and providing significant improvements in fuel economy. Suzuki’s aim with this range of outboards was to obtain maximum performance. The DF140A is based on a 4-cylinder, 2 044 cc block with a 16-valve DOHC power head that delivers high power output and efficient operation.

It utilises an enhanced air intake system that maximises airflow into the engine to obtain greater power output. In order for this system to achieve full potential, greater exhaust efficiency is required as well, so the engines are designed with an efficient “4 into 2 into 1” exhaust system that reduces drag in the exhaust, letting it flow smoothly out of the cylinders. This design increases low to mid-range torque and provides the wide powerband that boaters want.

The DF140A also features a two-stage reduction gear that delivers the torque needed to turn a large diameter propeller. This is normally done using larger gears or a larger gearbox, but Suzuki has long employed a two-stage system that provides the required torque without adding unwanted bulk or weight to the engine…


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