The best days of my life Sensation 22 SX

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‘There’s always room for improvement’ seems to be something of a policy Twin Boats and Trailers implement in their business – so when it came to the 22 SX, it got the same fair treatment.

The question is, though, how could the immensely popular craft become even better without running the risk of overcomplicating things? We travel to the home of Sensation boats – the Vaal River.

I had the opportunity of reviewing the older model of this boat towards the end of 2012. Born out of the heritage and created from the idea of one of SA’s more popular locally built 22-footers, it’s hard to improve on a winning combination – but that’s simply not a good enough reason for legendary boat designers and builders, Andre and Riaan van Helsdingen, to kick back and have a rest on their laurels. No; this dynamic duo are continuously upgrading all their models as every year to ensure their boats are not only up to date, but exceed their customers’ expectations. This 22-foot hull was originally designed as an SXi (inboard) – and the twins saw its potential and set about to create the equally impressive SX (outboard). For 2014, this craft sports a couple of small cosmetic upgrades – most of which you probably will never see; but that’s what I enjoy most about the company of Twin Boats and Trailers – they understand that being arguably SA’s top boat builder requires innovation and adding little novelties – and they aren’t afraid of doing it.

Deck layout
Measuring in at 6.7 metres, this boat is certified to carry up to nine passengers – four in the bow and five at the stern. As with most boats nowadays, filler cushions are quickly and easily inserted in the bow to create a different dimension for those upfront – be it for a fun ride on the river or simply soaking up the sun. In the bow, cushioning is the full height of the gunwale, giving maximum comfort while the contours of the boat give you the feeling of safety.

Take note of the Twin Boats designed, one-of-a-kind in SA, wrap-around windscreen style which you normally only see on top-end wake craft. The centre folds open allowing access to the cockpit.

A neat cubby-hole is located in front of the co-pilot and gives storage to smaller items. Here, you’ll find the head unit for the supplied premium sound system. The dash for the skipper has been changed from the previous model. Although I liked the older one at the time, I think perhaps the look has gone a little out of style – so for the 2014 model it’s back to basics as the binnacle is kept neat and simple with a flat carbon-fibre backing to the gauges.

At the stern, there’s generous wraparound seating for three adults while the skipper and co-pilot have their own rotating bucket seat. A neat feature at the stern seating is the ability to remove the centre backrest to allow access to the small deck at the transom – giving you the ability to take a breather before getting into the boat or the water. The 22 SX is designed with watersport enthusiasts in mind – so while there wasn’t one fitted on our review boat, an optional extra is a strong, quality wake tower.

On the starboard side at the transom you’ll find a concealed, retractable step ladder which makes getting into the boat from the water much, much easier.


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