The Drive Train Debate

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We pit four major power propulsion systems head-to-head!

If you’re the real enthusiastic boating type, then no doubt you’ve had the occasional quarrel with your mates about the pros and cons of various drive trains (whether it’s inboard, outboard, stern or jet). Although this topic can turn into a heated dispute around a braai and a few brandies, the real question is: what drive train best suits your application? Leisure Boating settles this argument once and for all!

Before the gloves come off, and we get bombarded with an inbox full of hate mail, Leisure Boating would like to formally apologize if the end result of this article doesn’t tilt in the favour of your preferred or favourite choice of drive train. We won’t generalise, discriminate nor do we surrender to favouritism. This article is merely an opinion piece, and no figures or views are official or cast in stone.
The Drive Train Debate
Right, that covers the disclaimer. We’ve always been very opinionated when it comes to technical debates. We love ALL drive trains, and we feel that it’s important to compare their strengths and weaknesses, thus giving you a better understanding so you can make your OWN informed decision – that’s what really matters to us! The choice still comes down to you, the reader and buyer.

There are several determining factors to consider when selecting a drive type: The size of your boat? The type of water it’ll be used in (salt or fresh?), the individual boater’s preference and the primary application it’ll be utilized for? (fishing, skiing, cruising, etc).

Each engine propulsion system has trade-offs, and perhaps keep that in mind before attempting to sue our socks off over a debatable “opinion”. Trust me, it’s not worth the trouble – all our money is tied up in charity trust funds boycotting child labouring boatyards in Mongolia.


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