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The lagoon lounger

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AquaLounge 270 SX

When it comes to chilling out on the water with the family, pontoon boats are the way to go. Forming the fusion between adult entertainment and family fun, the AquaLounge 270 SX is what brings it all together. The Editor kicks off his shoes for a day on the Vaal River with the Hurlimann family.



South African-built Avalanche boats have been in the business for some time. Their impressive line-up to date has been all about the V-hull bowriders; but this year has seen them introducing their all-new pontoon boat, the AquaLounge 270 SX. I had my first chance aboard this range earlier this year, but together with the builder, we agreed that the AquaLounge needed a few changes before we could offer it to you as a package you’d fall in love with. So, although new to the market, don’t think that this pontoon boat still needs to be proven. Having done the improvements, Avalanche company owner and builder, Ian Hurlimann, has improved the 270 SX to a level that seems pretty hard to compete with in the South African-built pontoon market…


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