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All the roominess, all the muscle and all the attitude of a 23’-boat in a brand new, compact 21’ package. Introducing the F21 Tomcat – the boat that commands respect when she’s on the water. She’s a strong contender in the wakeboarding fraternity since she’s outfitted with a ballast system that MB Sports claim is the biggest and fastest possible …Question is though; if she’s as great a boat as I hope her to be, then why is the price tag so reasonable?

I suppose “reasonable” is a relative thing. After all, R550 000 is a lot of money. But not if you consider a few of the Tomcat’s competitors… What’s more, the F21 is also packed with all the features you need come the summer months.

The 2012 Tomcat is, of course, a bit of an upgrade on the previous year’s model, plus a few added features as standard fare.

F21 - Tomcat - Leisure Boating Magazine

On board the F21 Tomcat, you can find seating space for 14 passengers — five upfront and nine at the stern. A squeeze but doable. The bow has of course got the insert cushion and walk-through shield, along with cup holders, speakers and hand rails. What’s great about this 2012 model is that it’s designed with a new twin-tip bow. This means the seating area is slightly bigger, longer and wider than normal bow riders.

At the stern, you have a generous U-shaped seating area, with more than comfy cushions and plenty of storage space. A few changes from the 2011 model is that the deck cooler-box has been removed to make way for batteries, the interior has now got a classy removable carpet, and the overall finishing has been improved — along with a nice selection of new colour schemes.

There’s plenty of storage space below all of the seats, as well as inside the passengers binnacle — where you’ll also find the powerful amps for the Wet Sounds audio system.

The F21 comes standard with a 343 HP PCM Excalibur V8, but our review craft was fitted with the huge PC ZR 409 HP inboard — which boasts some great performance figures on paper. Inside the Tomcat, this engine has its fuel supplied from a massive 246-litre tank under the stern section of the deck.


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