The PFD For Me

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Close to 80% of all boating accident deaths are due to drowning. What’s worse than that statistic is the fact that about 85% of all drowning victims were not wearing life jackets.

A life jacket is designed to save your life … it’s a non negotiable fact when boating.

So how do you go about choosing the correct PFD for yourself?

One look around your closest boating supply store will usually uncover numerous types of personal flotation devices in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. This wide array simply makes choosing the PFD that suits your particular type of water activity that much easier.


Choose a PFD that offers you the best possible flotation as this will keep you higher in the water, reducing your propensity for drowning or taking in water through your nose and mouth.


If you are unsure which PFD is most suitable to you, leave a holding deposit at the store and take their demo model PFDs to a swimming pool to try them out. This way you will be able to gauge
and purchase the PFD that suits you completely.

Swim around for a while to feel the freedom of movement. If you are finding swimming difficult, with limited freedom of movement, it might be necessary to try a different PFD for your particular body shape.

If you are a competent swimmer, take the life jacket off while you are in the water and see if it is easy to put back on. It is also advised that when children are fitted with PFDs they get a chance to test them out in the pool.


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