The Progression of Tradition

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Tigé Z3

To celebrate 20 years of world-renowned class and innovation, Tigé has released the 2013 version of the Tigé Z3. Built for wakeboarders and surf riders, the Z3 promises to be one for the history books. The Editor, Dean Castle, checks out Tigé’s offering at its home ground on the Vaal River.



The 2013 version of the Z3 isn’t too different from the previous year’s model. It’s the same quality hull and ride, but there have been upgrades to what’s offered to you in the overall package.

Deck layout
I have always preferred conventional and traditional – so although the pickle-fork design most other manufacturers are opting for has its place, I’m pleased that Tigé has maintained the classic V-bowrider look. However, the Z3 has been set up with a wider and longer bowrider section so that you practically get the same benefits of the pickle-fork, and therefore, it’s really usable.
For starters, the Z3 is just 23 foot (7.01 m) but you’d never say so – not by looks and not by feel since she measures 2.59 metres across her beam. All-in-all, the Z3 is certified for up to 16 passengers, but for maximum comfort, bank on cutting it down to 12 of your best friends in the seats – which is probably more than most skipper’s like aboard anyway.
Inside, I really like what Tigé has done with the interior. True luxury is offered throughout the craft and is easily visible. The seats are comfortable, the materials are quality, and the form is functional…


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