The ‘To-Do’ Crew

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Boating with family and friends is always going to be a wonderful experience, unless Aunt Hester’s bingo crew gets an invite and proceeds to drink all your booze and starts jamming to some raucous rap. Usually though, it will just be you, your family and possibly a few friends on a pleasurable outing, enjoying the waters.

As much as your ‘crew’ looks forward to a good time, they do need to realise that they have to pull their weight and assist the captain where necessary. Not only will giving those on board simple tasks to accomplish improve their boating skills, but it also ingrains what needs to be done on future trips … if they get invited back.

As for the blue-rinse brigade’s latest foray into unchartered waters, which involved some veteran twerking, joint-cracking breakdancing and the mooning of cocktailtoting guests on a nearby pleasure cruise, the senile seniority have now well and truly been scratched off the guest list. With the rabble-rousing retirees banished from the boat, the captain is now free to impart his knowledge to those willing to listen and assist with managing the boat.

Being a crew member is always going to be fun on the one hand and educational on the other.

Getting everyone involved

Getting all the guests, family members, spouses and children involved in simple tasks on the boat will add to the thrill of their experience and keep children entertained. Children love accomplishing the small tasks on a boat and are usually willing helpers.


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