The Whitest Blue Marlin ever caught!

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Early in March of this year, fishing off the 42’ Maverick, Spanish Fly, one lucky angler had something incredible and unprecedented happen to her when she landed a fish so rare that it has never before been caught on film!

For the crew of Maverick Sportfishing Tours the day started off like any other on a charter trip out of Los Suenos Marina in Herradura, Costa Rica aboard the 42’ Maverick custom sport fisherman. Spanish Fly, usually under the command of Capt Daniel Espinosa who had just logged his 30 000th hour at sea and only a couple of months ago his 10 000th billfish, had been on his day off and was replaced by Captain Juan Carlos Fallas, aka “Juanca”. And what a day he chose not to take the helm!

Every blue water billfisherman eyes the water behind the boat for hours on end, day after day, knowing he will see fish, and dreaming of seeing a really exciting and unique fish. And so it was on March 11, 2014 after more than 1 000 logged days at sea on charter fishing boats, over 8 000 hours of watching the water, First Mate of the Spanish Fly, Carlos Espinosa Jimenez aka “Pollo”, sees something never seen before and instantly sounds the universal alarm: “Left long teaser!”

Captain Juan Carlos makes a casual comment that this crazy fish is coming in upside down. With long time charter clients, Bob and Karen Weaver, in the cockpit, it was soon realised that it was a marlin, but it was pure white! An albino blue marlin. Could it be? Suddenly the adrenalin levels of crew and clients alike went through the roof.

The boat’s crew accelerated at lightning speed as Second Mate Roberto “Chela” Salinas saw the fish fade and then go for the left long rigger. At least it is easy to see the fish! The rod was left in Chela’s capable hands – having done the exact same thing thousands of times.

HOOK UP! Angler Karen Weaver from New York sets up for battle with a big fish on 30 pound tackle. It’s nothing new to her as she has done this many times over and has several “Grand Slams” to her credit. It is husband Bob who we have to thank for the photos, who started filming the best he could with all the excitement during this two-hour-and-45-minutes fight.

The skill, endurance and dedication of Karen Weaver are testament to her years of fishing experience. Using 30 lb test line and a #7 circle hook she landed the 300 lb white wonder without too much fuss – quite a feat for any angler, and a lifetime memory! After removing the hook, the truly exceptional fish was safely released to fight another day.


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