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How to buy a pre-loved boat

A used boat will cost less than a new boat and therefore if you choose the right boat first time you might just find some good value for your money, making it a wise investment. If you follow a basic set of guidelines, study all the pros and cons, and rather purchase from a reputable dealer than privately or online, there is every chance that you’ll make your purchase a good experience, giving you and your family endless hours of pleasure on the water.

For instance, when purchasing a pre-owned boat from a reputable dealer, said dealer will ensure that the boat is registered in your name, free of any encumbrances, supplied with a current seaworthiness certificate (COF) in your name, and that all the documentation pertaining to the vessel’s flotation and seaworthiness as well as trailer registration, are present and correct. The other positive to consider when purchasing from a dealer is that you, as the consumer, are protected under the consumer protection act against material defects, and there is an implied six-month warranty, which you do not have when purchasing privately or online.

It is a common misconception that dealerships are more expensive when considering a pre-owned boat. The overall market which is way more powerful than all the dealers put together, will ultimately determine at what cost boats will change hands. It often happens that someone purchases a “bargain” online only to discover, sadly and more often than not too late in the day, that they could have bought a later model, or an overall better boat package, free of defects for much less from a dealership.



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