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To make your boating experience a little easier, McCrystal Insurance shares some of their quick, tidbits of boating wisdom to make sure you get the most out of your time on the water.

How to determine which foot forward for a rookie skier

• Have your newcomer stand facing away from you, perfectly upright, with their feet side by side.

• Position yourself directly behind the unsuspecting newcomer and push them forward (not to hard, you don’t want to injure them before they get in the water!).

• The leg that the newcomer puts forward is stronger. That foot should be furthest from the boat for skiing and wakeboarding. How to Dock an inboard boat that backs to the right:

• Angle the nose of the boat at a 45-degree angle to the dock with the dock on your right.

• Slowly approach the dock keeping this angle.

• Once you are within 4.5 – 9 metres of the dock, pull back to neutral and drift. • As you get closer to the dock, bump the throttle into reverse – this will swing the back of the boat toward the dock while pulling the nose away, leaving you perfectly parallel to the dock.

• Have someone reach out and grab the dock.

• The more you practise, the better you will get. Eventually, you will have it spot on that you will end with a perfect parking. But beware; changing winds and currents will change each dock you do. It doesn’t cost anything to extend an arm to grab the dock, but be mindful that pushing the envelope could cost you damage to your boat and ego! If this were the case, make sure your boat insurance is in order. How to Pivot an inboard that backs to the right:

• Rotate the steering wheel completely to the left. • Use the throttle to switch between forward and reverse in quick successions. Leave a short pause in neutral to save the gear box wear and tear, as well as slowing things down).

• Repeat step two until you have the boat facing the direction you require…


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